About Me

It all started way back in 2006. My wife and I were preparing for the birth of our first child and I was beyond excited at the idea of becoming a father. I wanted to capture every moment with gorgeous high quality photos. So I dove in headfirst and purchased an expensive camera having no idea how to us it. At the time I figured that at least I could know that my photos would be better than blurry cell phone pictures.

Little did I know that what started as an impulse purchase would turn into a lifelong love of photography. I took courses, watched videos, read books, and my images just kept getting better and better.

Eventually, I quickly became everyone's go to photographer at family events. I loved every minute of it and found myself taking my camera everywhere. Things continued this way for quite some time, but everything changed when I met a professional event photographer through a mutual friend. He explained that he was looking for photography help at his events and asked if I'd be interested in working for him. The offer was both exciting and also terrifying at the same time!

I agreed to give professional photography a try and after shooting my first event, I was sent a list of upcoming dates to shoot more events. This is when things got real! He quickly became my mentor and I continued learning, which I still do all these years later, and I kept improving.

Eventually, I was contacted to shoot my own events and I've never looked back. It's hard to believe that what started as an impulse purchase has turned into a successful business. I now lead a talented team of professionals committed to providing a quality service to all of our clients. Although we specialize in weddings, we also do headshots, family portraits and maternity shoots.

If you want to learn more, reach out and let's talk...



“Milton and Cristina were an absolute dream to work with! Spending the day taking photos can be tedious, but not with these two... they made them fun and effortless. They were able to capture exactly what we envisioned from start to finish without missing a beat. We wouldn't have changed a thing. Milton's quick turnaround with our AMAZING photos after the wedding was the greatest surprise. Anyone looking for a great photographer, should not look any further. You will get everything you ask for and mo”